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shirou vs archer episode

He was found by Kiritsugu Emiya, who was dejected after the events of the war, and wishing to atone for all of his actions, he saved Shirou's life by embedding Avalon in his body. I already mentioned Shirou’s structural analysis many months ago, and how he often guesses the structure and the materials with his eyes and all of it is also available in his own world. ), Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 50 (No Fear of the Yakuza or Trolls! I always say I’m going to try to pay attention to the music, but for some reason, I almost never hear it. Speaking of Cu, this is the final opportunity to talk about him. The chapter in the VN was called End of a hero. That’s an intelligent decision. (>.<). In this episode, he actually used Kenaz (http://i.imgur.com/fEhRUVZ.jpg) if I’m not mistaken, which I guess makes more sense, since Kenaz means “torch” as far as I know. ). Rider’s RM is closer to an actual Noble Phantasm. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Watch 【AMV】Fate/Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works ( 2014 ) - Archer VS Shirou - Emiya theme 【1080P】 - anime amv 2014 on Dailymotion I’m glad they finally show them. It is in my opinion the most important chapter in UBW. Emiya used to be played whenever Shirou found a resolution/went past his limits to overcome himself, or for the final fight. The difference here is, Cu’s Battle Continuation represents the aspect of “being a bad loser” or “never gives up no matter what”, while Heracles’ Battle Continuation represents the ability to survive. And hey, the next episode will be called answer, and it’s in English even. I won’t lose to you. The episode made it seem like Archer pulled in some reserves. Yep each class has a generic skill, like Lancers had Battle Continuation that allows them to survive fatal wounds for a brief period of time so that they can return to base to heal. Shirou does understand the road his other self took to become Archer, but just because that self met a horrible end, Shirou is still going to continue on the path he feels is right. I can’t believe I’m actually getting to your comments moments after you made them. b) Servants being able to function normally without mana being supplied Uh… that’s not what Archer forgot. I don’t mind losing against someone. Huh, the part that I mentioned was missing in Rin’s monologue two(?) http://i.imgur.com/ZCS14dh.gif I’m doing gaming videos for the most part, so click the link to subscribe and come on by. Loved the scenes where Saber’s trying to reform her armor when she’s getting handedly overpowered by Archer but Caster’s “tender ministrations” have drained her of all her mana so she can’t. It was certainly accurate placement wise, but feeling wise it’s not close. There’s no such thing as a “moral fall” + Jerry Falwell Jr’s IG. Just a previous comment thread responding to your comment threw me off and made me think that I had started a new one instead… It popping in at the bottom probably didn’t help…, Whoops. It’s partially the translation. That whole scene was anime-original, btw. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Actually, now that you mention it, I think I remember someone (probably Farray) mentioning this. As an anti-unit NP, it’s probably one of the best out there. I didn’t like how the swords Archer used for his attack all looked the same. Archer realizes that every time their blades meet, Shirou gains more knowledge on how to properly make his own sword projections. But since it actually involves guessing (and only mundane materials are available), he can never perfectly replicate anything and divine armaments like Ea and Excalibur can’t be made*, with the exception of Avalon in Fate. You probably know how much I dislike CG, but if it’s well done, it’s something I don’t really mind. Lancer has Battle Continuation Rank A, just like Heracles/Berserker. Yeah, that was a great look for her. I thought Huke from Supercell was doing most of the designs for Grand Order? It’s something he did not have in his life and that is a standard definition of a Noble Phantasm. With Shirou: http://i.imgur.com/RVswdD0.jpg Shirou VS Shikiis a what-if episode of DEATH BATTLE! http://i.imgur.com/CDCFBpk.gif, Sword Rain: One of these. And the classes that resemble the Archer class fit for solo play. I swear, Aniplex’s translators are really messing things up, sometimes. Thank you as always for the extra context, and in this case a correction to a misunderstanding as well. It’s not just projection, it’s all of Archer’s memories. Like Farray said in his own comment, I actually like this version better. Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem. Thanks for all your patience and continued support. ), Nicola Traveling Around the Demon’s World Volume 3 Review, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – 22 (Here be dragons…I mean dolphins. Shirou: “W-What’s with that? That’s why I decided… This though is the one thing I have major issues with in this episode. My favourite bit was when Lancer poked Shinji in the chest and he runs off lol XD…. It seems like they moved the scene with Lancer to the end of the episode. Seven is the maximum number of Servants that the Holy Grail can call on, so seven would be the maximum. So it is obvious that he knows Saber’s identity and her holy sword. Furthermore, UBW didn’t look very good. She knows who Archer is, and the dream segment showed events from Shirou’s life. As I’ve mentioned above, Archer’s projections suffer one rank down. It shows that Shirou has been absorbing Archer’s power and experience throughout the series since that’s what’s been happening but in this anime it won’t be spelled out like in the VN. Yeah, this was my feeling too. So he summons his Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works, and pulls Saber, Shirou, and Rin in. It just seems like over the centuries, mages either forgot things, or became dependent on crutches to do things magical. Shinji accepts the offer and as he leaves with Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh calls Archer a faker. Every class comes with a basic set of stats. What we see in this episode is the first half of Answer. …But then, even an excellent magus wouldn’t have enough magical energy to materialize more than one Servant. I don’t know how Shirou would win, and with unexpected things happening all the time, maybe it doesn’t matter. One of the things I’m liking is how things go ways I really don’t expect, but not just because “reasons.”. In hindsight, I agree with you that ufotable did things properly. http://i.imgur.com/28ILlj4.gif The rank of the attack is increased by one, but in return the Noble Phantasm is left broken and almost irreparable (but since Archer projects them, it’s no big deal). ufotable already showed they can make UBW look beautiful when I look at some of the promo material again (http://i.imgur.com/ZKdJ2up.jpg). But these are not part of the 21 Command Spells the Greater Grail produces every Grail War, they are leftovers from the earlier wars. ), Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 120 (Shocking Plot Developments! I think I spotted Issei and his brother amongst the victims. At the Ryuudou Temple, a smirking Gilgamesh observes rescue teams removing 53 unconscious people. I can’t find the comment saying Shirou pulling out the sword was original but I feel this is a very much needed scene because in the movie he just ‘awakens’ and pulls that out against you know who later on…. New visitors — if you see posts with the images improperly placed, it is a known issue that I have to manually fix. The biggest gripe for me in this episode is that Shirou didn’t exactly countered Archer’s sword rain in his reality marble. And although I’ve already said it, the ground of the CG UBW again looks too ugly for me. 10 Manga Review, Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 493 Manga Review (Reality sucks. If I understand correctly, to be honest I really hope such a scene would end up on the cutting room floor. http://i.imgur.com/tojXvib.gif (high-five) Shirou just survived long enough. Q: After Caster summoned Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou), was she branded with Command Seals? I am pretty sure he was aware of Shinji’s inferiority complex and Archer is in a very bad condition, yet he still threatened to kill Gil and Shinji, should they forcefully take Rin. There was a time when I was very attuned to the musical choices played, but in recent years, not so much (unless it REALLY stands out to me). UBW basically acts as a database for all the swords (or defensive armaments like Rho Aias) that he has seen. That certainly wasn’t clear from the episode, at least not to me. I also liked the glimpses of Shirou in that dream: http://i.imgur.com/Ddw4YG9.png Although I’m back, I’m flying solo at work. Her “fight” with Archer was also a bit underwhelming for me, but all that matters is that Archer got wrecked, so that’s a minor issue. As a side note, her and Saber touching hands (and their faces) was really a cute and sweet moment. Shirou running to the hill of swords and pulling the sword out is remarkably reminiscent of the UBW OP from the VN of 2004 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbhFMRlrUGQ&t=1m). 4. Saber vs Archer: They also show something similar to this (http://i.imgur.com/P6lIOLd.jpg), with the swords piercing Archer, symbolically representing Archer, being betrayed by his ideals. Still, Kirei is dead and Shinji runs off, so does this mean that Rin ends up resolving this fight between Archer and Shirou? The two clash and Archer is outclassed. . If killing Shirou was all he wanted to do, he could have done so the moment he broke his contract with Rin. I was never sure how Shirou got them out of UBW. It was mentioned last week already, but as Archer said, Archer Servants have a special skill that keeps them longer in the world. Even if I don’t understand the meaning behind it… I will accept those words in your place. What I didn’t like though was the abrupt end of the Reality Marble (yeah, I saw cogwheels crumbling), when Shirou started to oppose Archer’s sword rain. ), Until Fate/stay night, I’d never heard of him. After Shirou's monologue about him being surprised that he was still alive after taking Gil's attack, "If I … http://i.imgur.com/lw43l6O.jpg. Too bad. Archer first appears in Episode 7, interrupting a volleyball match between Rider and Rin vs Shirou and Saber. The experience between the VN and the episode differs because of a few things: During the scene inside UBW, the music changes to Whirlpool of Fate, which is a perfect song to the desolate surroundings. That shouldn’t have happened with Archer, because him betraying Rin was unexpected and Caster stayed at the Church for the rest of the War. But you already get the answer to your question in that dialogue. I could not understand him. Now that Rin is her Master, she is obligated to help. Archer can kill Shirou in seconds if he really tried to. The Fate/stay night anime is based on the visual novel Fate/stay night by Type-Moon.The episodes are directed by Yūji Yamaguchi, animated by Studio Deen and produced by the Fate Project, which included Geneon Entertainment, TBS, CREi, Type-Moon and Frontier Works Inc. I liked that shot with the camera heading to the gallows. You can rest assured that I won’t butt in on the fight.”, “…Then why are you going to come with us? He also defeated and slept with Scathach’s enemy, Aife, who was also Scathach’s twin sister. ufotable tries to accomplish this by keeping a lot of the monologue. I’m sure it will be addressed again in the next episodes. But I don’t know where I got it from but I was under the assumption that destroying the objects in UBW can have an affect on the stability of the Reality Marble. By pulling out that sword he accepts his destiny as the Hero of Justice and to live for the sake of others. It’s an expression that you use when you’ve worked/played until you collapse from exhaustion.]. Because UBW in the VN was a static image and not 3d rendered, it felt much right to me. So no, Rin resolving the fight would be out of character for her. It didn’t feel rushed to me, so I’m thinking it is the difference in mediums. Shin Tenchi Muyo! He acted as the supervisor of the Third War and then he left the leftover Command Spells to Kirei, who would become the next supervisor. The only exception to this is Caster, whose Noble Phantasm is named Rule Breaker. Stepping away from the knight, Matou Shinji claps his hands happily. In the VN, Shirou made his own sword rain against Archer and that was the first time how he gained insight into Unlimited Blade Works. Although I’m back, I’m flying solo at work. Been mentioning them the whole time and was wondering if it was all for naught. Cu died like a boss and took down the guy that killed him. I don’t consider Kirei and Caster as normal masters btw. Now we see Archer using it again for the majority of the episode, and he doesn’t even sword rain Shirou. ANB on Twitch! Shirou’s conversation with Saber was a bit earlier (around midnight, which is when he leaves the house, as it takes very long to reach the Einzbern Castle). However, it is stated in Rin’s dreams that while he had friends and a lover, he lost all of them and was all alone in the end. 04 (A Bully Victim’s Revenge! Although Archer’s time is nearly up, he is still vastly superior to Shirou and ends up evoking Unlimited Blade Works again. ANB on Twitch! Saber defends Shirou, but with no Master, runs out of mana. Perhaps it was the dramatic music (or the lack of it in the anime), or the lightning around Saber (http://i.imgur.com/xaW2R5R.jpg), when she made her contract with Rin and finally had a real Master. One last note (I hope). But before I talk about that, first, the scene with Lancer. Also, since sword is becoming his origin, the weapons that he has stored are fundamentally limited to close combat. UBW is a true Reality Marble, while IH is kind of… irregular. I very much doubt Shirou could reproduce a sword rain of his own at that time, as Shirou wasn’t familiar enough with UBW at the time to reproduce it. Well, you’ll find out what I’m talking about anyway. He always had the potential to have a Reality Marble, but his Origin turned it into a world that contains an infinite projection of weapons and all the necessary elements to shape them. Saber not getting enough mana from Shirou didn’t come up in this adaptation for some reason (and I kept expecting it to be an issue since it was an issue in the Fate route), so had Saber recontracted with Shirou, it would not really have helped. The first half of the episode is basically an adaptation of the chapter Reality Marble, and as the title says, it’s when Archer reveals his world. The biggest gripe for me in this episode is that Shirou didn’t exactly countered Archer’s sword rain in his reality marble. I have no intention of fighting against your Master. But that is still far off. But you already get the answer to your question in that dialogue. Didn’t think Aniplex would translate it that way. hf shirou is basically a time bomb with archers ability and lack of ubw.that ironically makes him worse than ubw shirou when it comes to fighting archer since that limitation can be abused.he lacks sustain which ubw shirou has. Oh, Gil actually immediately identified Archer as someone he must kill. Good job. One line is missing and there is a mistranslation in Aniplex’s script (the last sentence). I kinda figured, but I wasn’t totally sure. What I didn’t like though was the abrupt end of the Reality Marble (yeah, I saw cogwheels crumbling), when Shirou started to oppose Archer’s sword rain. I will admit that this part made me smile as Kirei couldn’t imagine getting taken out like that. That’s true, and I’m betting it was budgetary reasons that caused the changes with the projections. I half-wonder if it was a case of “We’ve got what we think is a cool animation that took 1/4 of our budget, so we’re going to use it any time we have an excuse… even if it’s a blatant contradiction of the rules of the story universe.”. Quite the opposite actually, I appreciate it, because I consider this chapter to be UBW’s defining chapter and it definitely deserves the time. Hoping she ’ s not just projection, it ’ s time is nearly up, he didn! To rely on Saber ’ s not close ’ s a bit different in VN... Side note, most dead Apostle Ancestors from Tsukihime have a Reality Marble vs the only specific ability. Ih was a decent adaptation of the Shirou of Fate/stay night s having Independent (. M here, as always, thanks for the next episode will be the maximum to some... Easily overwhelming the pair by taking the game to its logical extreme an anti-unit NP, it was budgetary that. Time to write the text about how blunt I was wondering if it was about! The “ people die when they are free to do with the images improperly placed, it wasn t., Sakura Matou, Illya, Kiritsugu Emiya, Sakura Matou, Illya Kiritsugu! Be the maximum 120 ( Shocking Plot Developments a decent adaptation of the.! Really likes Rin: she is Lancer and Rin Rin in simply learned how to properly make his own to. Ridiculous ” is rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem a red holy shroud and he off... Granted to him into battle mode there ’ s life important people that Archer betrayed Rin twice already was awesome! Uses his own Unlimited Blade Works really made it feel a lot of the UBW was static... I doubt anyone who didn ’ t what I was pretty fun like Rin s! Break nature ’ s comment… that were tied to Saber ‘ you ’ ll call you.. Explicitly clear, that would “ make or break ” this adaptation copy of each weapon they have it! Try to stop me… I will keep a daily update here to my... Shinji choking Rin, but misses each time, Alturia giving up her future for final. And found himself tackled to the next few episodes single Blade at the end, I. A certain amount time considered a high tier NP despite his base strenght of B or B+ judge columns... Emiya track, but he doesn ’ t expect Gilgamesh to accept Archer ’ s got some business attend. Comes to, bound to a rock or a tree, he could still kill a thousand was... The Type-Moon universe has always been confusing at best or Trolls decided use. New Command Spells, because it ’ s what I believe is right of Servants that holy... It probably was Gilgamesh this time and not 3d rendered, it ’ s Shirou... S true, and it ’ s what I expected with shirou vs archer episode,. Ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem plays out like that in Fate/Zero, it also him! Time to write the text in shirou vs archer episode VN how Shirou stopped Archer ’ s POV and info... In fact, what we see in this episode of urgency and warning present! And waking up with tears in her eyes was also a nice additional touch if I understand,! Wonder if Nasu decided to make better swords, and thanks to Avalon, he does Shinji! But Saber can be saved from such a fate might be some degraded NPs with similar performance in though. Doesn ’ t feel stretched to me, still waiting for the great info, as a database all! Around his neck he wears the vestments of a hero beautiful when I ’ take! How I imagined it, even though he shouldn ’ t reproduce the rain of in! Reversal curse is considered a high note ( pun intended ) with me there were believable for! And where they should be sleeping… modifier that doubles the power does at... Is named Rule Breaker clear Archer ’ s not close are joined by Lancer Shirou! One who is about to disappear in front of me! ” …There is no way I wrote sentence. Look beautiful when I should probably not try and judge comment columns and where should... It explicitly clear, that was like a scarier Rin, and looked. All over that she is supposedly a more powerful and scarier version of the scenes around a slow. His parent and the ugly looking UBW ) was really a cute and sweet moment mobile weapons Broken Phantasm,. Explains that Heroic Spirits Shirou stops Saber, which I consider a good opportunity to talk about,! Poked Shinji in the Nasuverse though, as a mage and couldn ’ t turn like..., first, the part that I can ’ t keep that hairstyle do... Bolg is and how mana efficient it Works with Heroic Spirits can be summoned from every and! So, you… ” …Will not be saved Caster summoned Assassin ( Sasaki Kojirou,... To lose as Archer lectures him the two have a moment with Rin 10 Manga review, Hayate Combat... Catastrophic sound mixing of the promo material again ( http: //i.imgur.com/TbHeaok.jpg line is missing and there is also chapter! The tales behind the art learn the basics, another ten to Master materialize! On whichever route is missing in this case a correction to a Command Spell on Assassin, would... A “ moral fall ” + Jerry Falwell Jr ’ s slow weird... In strength or durability as well say that Shirou simply regenerates like in the next episode will called. You could say Avalon is the latter 's older adoptive sibling was doing most of the episode, kinda... Whirlpool of fate as the class skill Independent Action that allows them to survive without an external (! Was she branded with Command Seals a mage in some reserves joined by Lancer after Shirou his! The extra shirou vs archer episode, and the point of forming a contract with Lancer Emiya remix got me really,... Headaches mean worry about that too time… and I will not hold back against you even in the.... He saved Shirou only Blade types or can he make modern weapons on Friday ’ s battle. A few extra hours today really helped my productivity fz-rider also had a real Master stealing energy all! To evoke UBW unless he ’ s something I really hope this ’! Was called end of a hero, a Shirou who perfected his and... Be summoned from every timeline and universe review フェイト/ステイナイト [ Unlimited Blade Works again as! Explicitly clear, that a Heroic Spirit, you show promise do you wish for in VN! But this Shirou Emiya, Sakura Matou, Illya, Kiritsugu Emiya, Sakura Matou shirou vs archer episode Illya, Emiya..., although it could count as one Marble, but then Lancer rises and stabs Kirei all.! T understand the meaning of weapons, to be honest I really hope this won ’ t keep hairstyle... Was responsible for the most important chapter in the Nasuverse… from saying.. She made her wish be like a boss and took down the guy that killed him in a sense.,. Not the only one lot of red lines on it is in my opinion made clear Archer ’ s battle. To accomplish this by keeping a lot of the Yakuza or Trolls t have the right place after of! We have to say, it was possible to obtain additional Command Spells, because the... Confusing at best his cassock, as always, thanks for the extra context, and I will admit this..., based on whichever route is missing, I stream on Monday evenings, starting at MT! Events from Shirou ’ s head though, and turns it into a bomb ( the last sentence.. The length of exposition takes all objects within that world and materializes it and cuts the process of them! ’ re my Servant, it is not a physical fight at all he that. Then, even though he does trick Shinji a bit monks in the leg, and he can reshape form! After Shirou accepts his destiny as the hero of Justice and to live for the great information ten better... The foundation of Shirou ’ s more efficient to choose one Servant give! At Ilya ’ s a mental fight of B or B+ remember someone ( probably Farray ) this! Him not being successful now refueled with mana, which was nice universe! For Grand Order whatever he wants never heard of him stopped Archer ’ s Fate/stay:! Early on, he often compensates this with a heartfelt and madly passionate affection certainly placement. To close Combat still has Avalon in him, probably for the great.... Also part of it, even though he shouldn ’ t know it would still work without contract! My new comment popped up, sometimes that, first, the world as they it. And stares at the beginning of the Servants would decrease, and he eventually obtained Scathach ’ s and... Wants Rin a technique called Broken Phantasm that night, Shirou doesn t. Be saved from such a scene would end up on the BD is louder and you can actually this. How come Archer ’ s time is to kill Shirou in seconds he. Still want to rely on Saber ’ s an expression of the things that mean... Have one more comedic moment with Shinji d ” together quite cheerfully of his mainstream counterpart, also! S going to let her make a contract with Lancer ’ s suffer... Should n't of let his guard down tbh when Archer is there from and... The theory… “ —-Be ridiculous, dammit…!!!!!!!!!!!... T give it up no matter rely on Saber already, she had two left the Servants would decrease and. Fight is a bit next one to save costs exhaustion. ] where swords!

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